bei Qualität ein Einser!


5 years HAINSER warranty!

We extend the manufacturer's warranty to 5 years for all workshop products, company products, metal furniture and garden products!

Independently of this, a 2-year legal warranty applies from the date of purchase.

All products in the program of HAINSER GmbH are carefully checked and are subject to a strict incoming inspection. In addition, each article is statistically recorded for the purpose of quality assurance. Products with increased complaint values will not be listed or discontinued!

Warranty claims are excluded in case of damage to the goods due to

  • misuse or improper handling
  • environmental influences (humidity, heat, overvoltage, dust etc.)
  • non-observance of any safety precautions
  • non-observance of the operating instructions
  • use of force (e.g. impact, shock, falling)
  • unauthorized repair attempts
  • normal wear and tear

The warranty does not cover:

a.) lock mechanisms, if their damage is the result of their natural wear and tear.

b.) Mechanical damage to the product or any of its components,

c.) Claims due to the technical parameters of the product, provided that they correspond to the manufacturer's specifications,

d.) Damage or defects resulting from improper use, storage or maintenance,

e.) Consequences of independent repairs, modifications or design changes made by the user or third parties,

f.) damage caused indirectly or directly as a result of external events, such as fire, flood, lightning, and the like.

The guarantor is not liable for damage to property or health resulting from the use of the product, which is a consequence of its improper use contrary to its intended purpose or the conditions of use specified by the manufacturer.

A claim under the warranty requires that the guarantor be enabled to examine the warranty claim by sending in the goods. In this case, care must be taken to avoid damage in transit by using appropriate packaging.

The warranty covers only the damaged product and not the whole set.

To apply for warranty service, you must enclose a copy of the original invoice of the goods shipment. We ask for your understanding that the manufacturer may refuse warranty service without enclosing this copy of the invoice. The sending of the invoice copy serves for the calculation of the warranty period. Furthermore, you must provide the name and address of the seller, if this is not clear from the enclosed copy of the invoice.

If it is a legitimate warranty claim, the warranty processing for you freight prepaid. Any shipping costs incurred by you will then be reimbursed by the guarantor.

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