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Gas heater PILZ IV


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It is a safe combination of fire, design and a pleasant heating effect. The overall appearance of every terrace and garden is enhanced in every season. This radiant heater has an elegant appearance that is ideal for use in rooms in hotels and restaurants.Restaurants eignet.

Additional information

Weight 29 kg
Dimensions 84 × 84 × 215 cm

Country: AU, DE, HU Model: PILZ II Device category: I3B / P (50) Power [kW]: 10.0 Fuel: propane-butane Fuel consumption [kg / h]: 0.72 Height [mm]: 2150 Diameter [mm]: ~ 840 Weight [kg]: 29 Case: stainless steel Without pressure reducer. General characteristics With a special burner that improves the air mixture and increases the heating effect by more than 30%. It has an afterburner function for the exhaust gases. Safe portable version with tilt sensor and automatic shutdown. & nbsp;


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