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Electric fan heater EPH 9


Strong and durable design
Heating and ventilation mode

CE-certified The product is CE certified.

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Functional description

The EPH 9 fan heater is used to heat the air in closed rooms. The heat is generated in the device by electrical heating elements. The fan blows air through the device so that it heats up while the heating elements are cooled.

The EPH 9 fan heater can be operated in heating mode (full or half power) and in ventilation mode (with the heating elements switched off).

Areas of application

Indoors, construction site, agriculture
Completion work (construction sites), temporary heat source, garages, workshops
Shops, production halls, warehouses, offices, basements, tool rental

Additional information

Weight 9,3 kg
Dimensions 30,5 × 34,2 × 41,5 cm

Power [kW]: 4.5 / 9 Air flow [m3 / h]: 810 Power supply [V / Hz]: 3N ~ 400 / 50-60 Nominal current [A]: 13 Plug: 16A / 5P Protection rate: IP24 Dimensions (LxWxH) [mm]: 305x342x415 Weight [kg]: 9.3 & nbsp;


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